50 Years of Eurogast - A Success Story

Eurogast can now look back on 50 years of corporate development and trading activity. Half a century ago everything began with three individual companies. Today the business has developed into an amalgamation of eleven operations based all over Austria. 50 years in which quality, regional focus and a close relationship with customers and suppliers have remained the keys to success.

In 1965, three restaurant and catering industry wholesalers decided to form a cooperative - Eurogast Österreich GmbH. ‘In the beginning the goals were to make joint purchases from the food industry, and to organise our own imports - of items such as fruit conserves’ says Franz Sinnesberger Senior, who was actively involved in the establishment of the group right at the start. In 1960s there were only a few thousand items in the product portfolio, he remembers: ‘Staples and basics, dried foods, soaps and detergents, tinned goods and conserves.

We didn’t have much more than that on offer’. Today there is a wide range of product categories to choose from, including dairy products, fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, sausages and salamis, deep-frozen goods, convenience products and drinks.

In years gone by 50 years of Eurogast stands for 50 years of trading history. In Austria, Eurogast was one of the very first large-scale wholesalers for the restaurant, canteen and hotel sectors. ‘The rapid growth in tourism encouraged the building of increasing numbers of restaurants and hotels, and consequently to a sharp increase in the demands placed on the suppliers of these sectors’ Sinnesberger recalled. Eurogast also noticed the effects of these developments. Just 15 years after its successful launch, the company already boasted over 20,000 customers and another six group members. Today, 50 years down the road, the business offers a vast range of around 36,000 items and a highly profitable and effective network of eleven Eurogast group member companies all over Austria.

Immense success - continuous development Today, around 45,000 customers benefit from the success of the Eurogast Group. The business impresses with an excellent delivery service, a modern ordering system and an expansive product portfolio, while each regional centre enables the company to maintain close contact with the needs and opportunities of each local area. ‘Since the start the Eurogast Group has insisted on providing a fair deal, good value-for-money and well-thought-out A-Z solutions as a basis for long-term business relationships. Our customers don’t operate according to the maxim: ‘the cheaper the better’. They are increasingly interested in quality – and Eurogast is here to provide it. Each of the member companies is deeply rooted in its region and can offer customers a rich variety of Austrian foods and beverages. We source fresh fruit and vegetables, top quality domestic dairy produce and premium quality meat from farms and small-scale, local agricultural producers. By the same token, the desire to provide excellent quality with a regional flavour is just as strongly manifested in our own Eurogast brand goods’ enthused Susanna Berner, Manager of Eurogast in Austria, as she explained the secret of the company’s success.

Last year the Eurogast Group’s three CEOs are celebrating 50 years of company history and 50 years of trading success.
(L - R) Armin Riedhart (Mag.), CEO - Eurogast Riedhart, Alexander Kiennast (Mag. (FH), CEO and Divisional Manager of Eurogast Kiennast, and Thomas Walser (Mag.) CEO - Eurogast Grissemann ©Eurogast


The road ahead
As the successes of the past have shown, as well as being able to adapt to the conditions of the market and the industry, Eurogast also benefits from the fact that its local centres are strongly integrated in their regional supply and demand networks throughout Austria. This enables them to identify new trends and market changes quickly and initiate their own innovative concepts. The needs of the customers, the significance of ‘regionality’ and the importance of locally sourced Austrian produce are permanent guiding forces. Susanna Berner summarises: ‘We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products, trends and technologies that help the Eurogast Group to develop. So we’re very excited about what the future has in store and we’re looking forward to the next 50 years of Eurogast’.

Eurogast at a glance
Eurogast Österreich GmbH is a fusion of eleven wholesalers working as a trading group from twelve centres in Österreich, and serving restaurants, hotels, caterers, canteens and large-scale customers.

  • Established: 1965
  • Turnover: over €300 million
  • 1160 employees – of whom 120 are apprentices
  • Product portfolio: approx. 36,000 food and non-food items
  • Around 120 ‘Eurogast’ own-brand products
  • Customers: over 45,000 customers from restaurants, canteens, catering businesses, hotels and large-scale consumers

Members of the Eurogast Group

  • Eurogast Almauer, Steyr/Upper Austria
  • Eurogast Grissemann, Zams/Tyrol
  • Eurogast Interex, Buch bei Hartberg/Styria
  • Eurogast Kärntner Legro, Klagenfurt/Carinthia
  • Eurogast Kiennast, Gars am Kamp/Lower Austria
  • Eurogast Landmarkt, Schladming & Liezen/Styria
  • Eurogast Pilz&Kiennast, Gmünd/Lower Austria
  • Eurogast Riedhart, Wörgl/Tyrol
  • Eurogast Sinnesberger, Kirchdorf/Tyrol
  • Eurogast Speckbacher, Reutte/Tyrol
  • Eurogast Zuegg, Nussdorf-Debant/East Tyrol