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Phone: +32 (O)51 31 06 21
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Your partner for fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruits


Ardo in a nutshell
Year after year, harvest after harvest, Ardo supplies its continuously growing markets around the world with high quality fresh frozen vegetables, herbs, fruit, pasta, rice and potatoes.

Innovation at all levels
Our knowledge throughout the whole chain combined with our flexible approach allows us to satisfy current and adapt to future market needs through innovation, investment and technical excellence. At Ardo, we are always developing new products in response to market needs and trends.

Thorough product knowledge
In our continual search to improve both our existing products and the range that we offer, we run extensive field trials each year that allow us to take full advantage of our geographical and climatic spread to develop new products and new varieties fo our cusomers.

Local worldwide approach
With sales offices throughout Europe and beyond, there’s always a member of our sales team close to hand, to react quickly to local market requirements.
Sustainable partnership
Ardo supports long-term relationships with our growers, our suppliers and our customers, which we believe offer stability for all parties and are necessary to provide the confidence for sustainable investments.

We are working hard to develop truly sustainable ways of growing our crops and producing our products that consider the crop’s requirements, the activities of our farmers and the demands of our customers.

20 production, packing & distribution sites in 8 countries
Ardo’s production, packing & distribution sites are located from north to south and from east to west in Europe’s most fertile crop growing regions. The close proximity of our factories to our crops is one of our key strengths and ensures that only minutes are lost between harvest and locking in the product’s natural goodness in our freezers.