Garri - Building a Sustainable Future for our Business

Garri is currently building new office and warehouse facilities in Hádegismóar, Reykjavík Iceland. The facilities are located in a beautiful unpopulated area surrounded by countryside, trees and a lake in the near vicinity. The new building is progressing very well and is on schedule to be completed early 2017.

Ecological thinking behind the choice of materials

The insulation material for the new building has been specifically chosen with the environment in mind, as we want to incorporate sustainable materials. For wall insulation we have decided to use mineral wool for its natural properties instead of polyurethane. Mineral wool has many advantages and contains a high amount of recycled content. It is naturally fire retardant so it doesn't require additional chemicals to make it fire resistant and does not require a thermal barrier.

Refrigerant options have been in the environmental spotlight in recent years and natural refrigerants have caught our attention. For our cooling systems we have selected a C02 refrigerant solution instead of HFCs. It has many advantages in terms of efficiency and environmental legislation is driving an increasing use of CO2 as a refrigerant since it is less damaging to the environment.

Preparations for the changeover

We are already preparing for the move into the new facilities by upgrading our IT systems. We have upgraded Dynamics AX and we are integrating real-time warehouse management including wireless scanners to register and process all transactions. Such changes are time consuming and can affect service levels during the transition. We have of course encountered a few hurdles along the way but we have already benefited from significant improvements in efficiencies.

The system now gives us the ability to move the warehouse operation earlier to the new building and to start taking advantage of the facilities before installation of the offices is completed. The reason this is important is because of the urgent need we are experiencing for the new warehouse facilities which are designed to cope with the rapidly growing market.

New facilities for the future ahead

The new building is designed to enable us to keep growing in an evolving market and to improve our service levels even further. Today our facilities are in total 3.300 m2 while the new building will provide us with 8.200 m2 of world-class workspace. We are also making sure we have everything in position to meet future demands in terms of sustainability and environmental standards which will be highly relevant in the decades to come.