Diversey Strong Foam for Daily Dishes Saves Money

Diversey shows that even in the most common application there is still room for purposeful innovation. Offering a high density foam detergent for superb cleaning power with a strong colour, fresh fragrance in a small and convenient pack. Suma Quick Foam D1.6 has the unique feature of a dosing pump delivering the right amount of foam giving full dosing control for your manual dishwashing operation.

This solution is designed for the needs of small washing stations. One bottle of 475ml Suma Quick Foam D1.6 will allow 1500 covers to be cleaned, consisting of a plate, glass, spoon, knife and fork. Enough for a small restaurant doing 1 week of 7 days with 200 covers per day. Or use Suma Quick Foam D1.6 for small in between washes like pots and pans.

Apply the foam directly to a sponge or scourer and wash normally. Through the voluminous foam, colour and perfume, Suma Quick Foam D1.6 will give you the feeling you are using a powerful detergent and you are using enough to get the job done. No need to use more than a single shot of foam!

One small pack offers an excellent solution for sites like quick service restaurants, food trucks, swimming pool bars, cocktail bars, airport / train restaurants and others alike. Every remote site can directly benefit full dosing control.

Through Suma Quick Foam D1.6 Food Service operators now have a solution for manual ware washing with a sponge including full dosing control, excellent results and no hassle!