The European Foodservice wholesaler group

European Catering Distributors is an International Foodservice group whose members are all major foodservice wholesale distributors in their own countries. Created in 1991, today there are 14 countries, each represented by a member company or wholesaler groups owned by its members.

We are a committed partner in supplying the European Foodservice sector at both international, national and local levels. Our members aim to achieve the highest standards of customer service; to meet their customers needs and expectations consistently and without compromise.

We are the European Foodservice wholesaler group. We are an international group with a clear recognition of the importance of national and regional product requirements.

Our partnerships with suppliers at a European level include sharing ideas and opportunities to develop business with each of our members.

The positive motivation of both our suppliers and members through group discussion is vital in order to protect and develop the long term interests of the group, its suppliers and its members.

European Catering Distributors plans, organises and negotiates on a European level - our members act and deliver on a local level.

We "Think Global - Act Local"