Euro Poultry

As a customer at Euro Poultry, you get access to a unique world of poultry. We import the best poultry products from the world’s most skilled manufacturers and deliver to our customers through wholesalers, retailers and industrial companies. Across restaurants, cafes, canteens and private homes in Europe, our poultry products are served in over 65,000,000 meals each year. 

But at Euro Poultry we want to be more than just a poultry supplier. We want to be your favorite partner and poultry specialist. Who not only supplies you with the best poultry products, but also provides you with solutions and experiences that create added value in your daily life. 

We call it The Unique Concept - and it’s the whole foundation of Euro Poultry.

A consistent high quality you can count on 
We collaborate with the world’s leading poultry producers. And we handpick the best products from the producers who are experts within their field. This ensures you poultry products with great taste and high quality. And because of our longstanding and loyal cooperation with our producers, you are guaranteed the same quality every time. 

In addition, you can find peace of mind knowing that we make great demands on our producers – both in terms of food safety, animal welfare and working conditions. Demands which our manufacturers largely live up to with several certifications, and which are regularly checked when we visit them. So when you cook and serve poultry from Euro Poultry, you can always count on the quality and safety, which is an important part of the unique concept. 

A wide and deep assortment that reflects the trends of our time 
Our access to a world of poultry also allows us to offer you a wide and deep assortment. We not only offer many variations within the different types of birds, we also offer different types and tastes within each variant. This way you can always find the products that you need for your dishes. 

We want to give you one place where you can safely buy all your poultry. Therefore, we constantly explore the market for new trends and popular flavors and products, which we can update our assortment with. That way, you can be certain that your menu always reflects the trends of our time. 

Solutions and counselling for you and your kitchen 
At Euro Poultry, we not only look at the world’s trends and tendencies. We also listen to your needs and challenges and help with solutions that suit you, your kitchen and your menu. 

Our dedicated consultants are passionate about poultry, and they take great pride in advising professional kitchens on how to make the most of their products. This applies to both serving suggestions, menu composition, cost calculations per. serving and other tips to optimize your business. 

Strong brands are your compass in a world of poultry 
To make it easy for you to navigate around our world of poultry, we have created two strong foodservice brands, each of which has its own unique qualities and benefits. 
Top Table is our heat-treated products that are easy and quick to prepare and serve, while Chefs Club is our raw poultry products, which you can give your own unique signature.