frischli. Fresh & Fruity: buttermilk desserts

In 2016 frischli is taking a great step forward and widening its range of delicious desserts with a variety of buttermilk desserts. Chefs in every food service company can choose between three refreshing tastes: lime-lemon, strawberry, and mango. Buttermilk desserts are ready-to-use or easy-to-handle base products for individual creations.

Guests of any age will love them: the creamy and fruity buttermilk desserts come in three flavours: lime-lemon, strawberry, and mango. Being launched in April, these innovative desserts will become the new favourites of the year 2016 on any menu, buffet, and in the dessert showcase. Buttermilk desserts are ready-to-use and the perfect choice for staff canteens, hospitals, and catering companies looking for innovative food solutions. Buttermilk desserts make it possible to offer guests a varied menu without a great deal of effort. They can be prepared in advance in large quantities and finished easily right before serving.

The refreshing, slightly sour taste of buttermilk desserts will inspire chefs to create delicate desserts. For example: the strawberry buttermilk dessert is turned very easily into a fancy “crunchy strawberry yogurt trifle” by arranging buttermilk dessert, fresh strawberries and cereals in glass bowls.

The new buttermilk desserts from frischli not only thrill with their taste of a relaxing summer day, but they are a good choice from the standpoint of cost efficiency, too. With exceptional value per 100 gram portion they are suitable for any cost calculation.

Buttermilk desserts from frischli, are available in 5 kg buckets and can be stored unrefrigerated for several weeks as they have undergone a special heating process. They have no additives, are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. They have only 3,5% fat, and are made with real fruit and a little sugar. Just like all products from frischli the buttermilk desserts comply with HACCP requirements to ensure the highest safety standards in their production and fully comply with all the requirements of professional chefs regarding industrial hygiene and practical handling in canteens and commercial kitchens.