FrieslandCampina Professional

Address: Stationsplein 4, 3818 LE Amersfoort, Nederland
Phone: +31 (0)33 713 33 33

FrieslandCampina Professional: Your recipe for success

Who are we?

At FrieslandCampina Professional, we focus on what you love most: creating delicious food and drinks. We support you by sharing our knowledge and insights, gained by our skilled team of experts across every discipline. An in-depth market understanding which helps grow your business. In intense collaboration, we make great things happen. We are your partner in R&D, technical functionality, concept brainstorming, marketing ideas and more. Together we focus on your success. Our mission is to deliver professional solutions to boost your business.

In good hands with Debic

Debic is our professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs and other foodservice professionals. One of the core components of culinary masterpieces is dairy, an essential ingredient for the success of chefs and bakers. We provide chefs and bakers with a solid base of dairy tools they can trust blindly. We understand the challenges that come with using dairy and make sure our products are very practical to use. Get to know our high-quality dairy products that are continuously innovated and optimized in terms of functionality.


Dedicated to making a difference

Providing the growing world population with the right nutrients in a sustainable way is one of the challenges for the coming decades. We all want to keep enjoying our planet, its beauty and the nourishment it provides . At the same time, your customers are increasingly curious, conscious and critical about the food they consume. That is why we at FrieslandCampina are continuously working towards a fully sustainable dairy chain, focus on animal welfare and continuously improve our biodiversity and responsible sourcing.