Garri ehf

Address: Lynghálsi 2, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 5 700 300
Fax: +354 5 700 301

Since 1973 Garri has specialized in the import and sales of quality products, food packaging, hygiene solutions and supplies for professional chefs, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, schools, kindergartens, canteens and tourism as well as other clients in the food preparation industry in Iceland.

The company employs 70 people. The sales team and consultants in Garri are professional chefs and bakers whose main objective is to assist our clients with selecting products and giving advice on potential utilization of our products. In addition, we have a team of experts in packaging and cleaning systems who assist our clients with choices of materials and solutions.

Garri strives to achieve high quality customer service and builds on a solid foundation of trust we have built with our customers and our suppliers. We are always on alert for changes and innovations in the market and product offerings of our suppliers. We are proud of our product line, products that have earned a permanent place with our customers.

Garri is currently building new 8.200 m2 office and warehouse facilities in Reykjavík Iceland which is to be completed in 2017. The new building is designed to enable the company to keep growing in an evolving market and to improve service levels even further.

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Managing director:
Magnús R. Magnússon
Phone: +354 696 4444
Product development manager:
Gunnar Ingason
Phone: +354 696 4446
Sales manager:
Gunnar Örn Arnarson
Phone: +354 8583012
Logistic manager:
Sölvi Hall
Phone: +354 6964448
Marketing Manager:
Hreinn Elíasson
Phone: +354 8580333
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