Greetings from our Japanese partners

Due to the corona virus incidents, we all have had a hard time. Many events including summer Olympic games are cancelled, schools are cancelled, and so on. Year 2020 was the time for not only JFSA but also all food distributers to review and improve our businesses under such a new environment.

As JFSA, Digitalization division and Marketing division started online marketing tool for supporting members’ daily activities. We are believing that digitalization is the key for success for several years before and after the corona virus incidents, we think digitalization will become a vital issue for survival. We will accurate digitalization much more in year 2021.

Our sales got badly decrease in the beginning of this year but thanks to tremendous efforts of JFSA member companies and staff, we could increase the market share with our PB items and finished with decent sales number.

With JFSA’s motto “same PB, same quality of delivery, and same attitude for every customer in every area, let’s move forward and overcome the new environments!”

Last, we really appreciate your support in year 2020. We sincerely wish that all of you will remain healthy, well and be spared from corona virus incidents.

Yoshiharu Takiguchi, Chair Person, JFSA Co., LTD