Lantmännen Unibake invest in new Highspeed Line in Poland

The investment covers an additional high speed bun-line to serve our customers growth in the fast food category; expansion of the existing building by 10,000 square meters as well as of the current warehousing facilities increasing storage capacity.

Once implemented, the investment strengthens Unibake's ability to support the growth of our European food service customers considerably. At the same time it enables us to create a strong platform for expansion into retail with consumer packs.

“It is fantastic to be able to make such an investment in the midst of a global crisis. With this approval the Board of Directors shows its strong confidence in Unibake's strengths and ability to keep executing on our growth strategy despite the current uncertain business climate," says Unibake Chief Commercial Officer, Jan Hertz.

"During the past three years we have grown double the market rate across Europe and the new Nowa Sól line investment is a cornerstone in continuing that impressive growth journey. We are thankful for the Board's trust in us and strongly devoted to live up to expectations and use the investment to prove our commitment to our customers," Jan says.

Building the business case has involved a large number of people from all over Unibake and Jan Hertz is impressed by their strong engagement and competence:

"It has been a tremendous effort to build the business case and ensure approval. I want to give all the credits possible to the entire cross-organizational Unibake team that has spent hundreds of hours and shown strong dedication througout the process. I am impressed by how they have excelled in team work and collaboration despite Covid-19 impacts - they have clearly proved that great things happen, when great minds come together," he finishes.

The investment takes off in January 2021 and is expected to be concluded during 2022.