Service-Bund. New concept ‘BurgerCraft’ sets the stage for enjoyment

Burgers are a trend-food all over the world but guests are becoming more demanding. Dry meat between two buns is passé. This target group prefers creative recipes with juicy patties, aromatic bread and refined sauces.
“BurgerCraft”, the new food concept from Service-Bund, caters for this trend. With the slogan “MADE BY YOU” the new concept places emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, imagination and variety.
The new concept is based on the “Culinary Code” developed by SALOMON FoodWorld®. This scientific method addresses the needs of different target groups. The so-called “limbic map” groups human needs into six categories: stimulation, fantasy & enjoyment, balance, discipline and control, dominance and adventure & thrill. The matrix can also be used for preparing burgers. For example, men prefer different inclusions to women. A Burger served with coconut is more appealing to women. In contrast, the identical Burger base with jalapenos scores higher with men.
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The new concept “BurgerCraft” offers several recipes which can be prepared in just a few steps:
The Classic, The BBQ (see picture), The Umami, The German, The Portobello, The Béarnaise and The Blue Cheese. More recipes will follow soon.