Diversey. No more scrubbing with Diversey’s DiveEasy

With the goal “no more scrubbing”, Diversey started working on a solution that would remove the most time consuming and labour intensive tasks in the kitchen. The answer:  “DiveEasy”, a soak cleaning system that simply, safely & sustainably cleans carbon build up, grease and food residues from kitchen utensils.

This soaking system minimizes labor as it softens and lifts grease and baked-on food soils without scrubbing. The only handling for getting clean utensils is safely immersing them into the soak tank with the help of the tray. Safe because the in use solution is non-classified. Safe for the personnel as well as the metals being cleaned, even aluminum.

It is a mobile and flexible solution that can be moved and used everywhere in the kitchen. The solution will work in room temperature tap water so no heating is required and no electrical connections are needed. The long lasting formula will maintain its cleaning power over a long period of time. The solution can be used up to 4 weeks before having to refresh it. That’s why the soak tank comes with a lid to easily put it aside when not in use.

This innovation ticks all the boxes Sealed Air Diversey is aiming for, excellent performance, sustainability and cost effectiveness.