Pastificio Felicetti

Address: Via L. Felicetti 9, 38037 Predazzo (TN) - Italy
Phone: +39 0462 508600

A pasta factory in the Dolomites

Founded in 1908, Pastificio Felicetti is a joint-stock company still proudly owned by the founder's family. Its story has overcome wars and crises, and spans four generations, which have been carrying out their specialised production in the upper Val di Fiemme. Valentino Felicetti realised that spring water and high mountain air could give durum wheat pasta a distinctive flavour. “Grandpa” Valentino’s intuition certainly paid off. This entrepreneurial experiment led to the rise of a dynasty of pasta makers in the Dolomites and a productive research journey with the aim of creating a good product, while never resting on one’s laurels. This goal can also be achieved starting from raw ingredients, which must be carefully selected.

Production and markets

Pastificio Felicetti has chosen to use exclusively domestically-sourced semolina (with the sole exception of the Kamut® khorasan wheat lines) to promote quality and environmental protection. Indeed, the company steadfastly pursues the goal of protecting natural resources, respecting the balance of ecosystems and safeguarding the environment. But not only: the quality assurance protocols involve all phases of production and determine rigid self-control procedures, also in relation to the certifications obtained and continuously renewed (BRC and IFS). Today Pastificio Felicetti has two production facilities (in Predazzo and in Molina di Fiemme). With over 100 different formats, Felicetti's pasta reaches a total of 35 thousand tons per year (of which 20,000 produced at the Predazzo site and 15,000 at the Molina site).

New 100% Paper Packaging

Quality and sustainability remain the key drivers of the company, which is why, after two years of studies, Pastificio Felicetti has recently launched a new packaging that takes into consideration the need for a boost in environmental protection. The new packaging, intended for both retail and end consumers, is made of 100% natural paper from PEFC-certified pure cellulose and comes from sustainably managed forests, developed to guarantee high performance in terms of product resistance to weight and to the action of the packaging lines, with water-based heat sealing.