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Pro Formula - now offering professional, easy to use disinfection products

New hygiene rules and regulations, a vast variety of disinfection products, partly with confusing claims, changing staff that is not experienced in disinfection tasks – how can you help your customers with these challenges? 

No more assortment gaps – full coverage

The Pro Formula range from Diversey has provided professional multi-purpose cleaning solutions for food service businesses for many years. When the pandemic hit, it became apparent though that the appreciated range could not address disinfection challenges in all areas. Diversey and Unilever have now developed innovative new solutions in this segment that will enable you to offer a more complete portfolio, covering also your customers´ disinfection needs. Going forward, they can easily find solutions within the brands they know and trust since before. This range extension strengthens your position as a complete provider and helps you increase the customer basket. It also underpins the proposition of Pro Formula as clearly differentiated from retail products.


Substantiated virucidal properties
As a strong visual guide and assurance for safety, all Pro Formula Disinfectant products carry the Pro Formula shield. They are fully compliant with the EU norms 14476 and 1276, verifying the removal of viruses and bacteria in dirty conditions. On each product, the disinfection properties are further detailed out as fully virucidal (killing all types of viruses), virucidal on enveloped viruses (including the novel Coronavirus SARS-COV-2) or virucidal on other virus types.

The range includes product options for all applications:

- Multi-purpose products, providing excellent operational efficiency with cleaning and disinfection in one go; for kitchens, washrooms, hard surfaces, floors and textiles
- Alcohol based disinfectant sprays for fast and easy application in-between cleanings; for kitchens and hard surfaces

Free training material, no confusion
The right application is important for cleaning products to achieve desired results and be HACCP compliant. Moreover, for disinfection products it is absolutely crucial in order to actually kill viruses and bacteria. Therefore, Pro Formula supports food service staff with free training resources such as videos, cleaning guide and manuals.
To learn about the available brands and products in your market, please contact your Diversey representative. We are looking forward to also show you the free resources and how to activate the products in your different customer touch points.

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