Service-Bund. Rodeo Ranch Quality Lamb: Service-Bund extends its private label range

New Zealand is not only the home of the current rugby world champions – but it is also the top exporter of lamb. Expert chefs like the low-fat and protein-rich meat from the island nation which is a good reason for Service-Bund to offer lamb in their private label range. Rodeo Ranch Quality: lamb fillets, lamb salmon, lamb hips (without lid), legs of lamb (with and without bones) and lamb crowns (with stem, uncut).
“A year ago we started with beef from New Zealand. We decided to offer lamb because we have built a trustful relationship with our partners in New Zealand”, explained Chris Karstädt, marketing manager of Service-Bund and responsible for the Rodeo Ranch Quality brand.
The lamb achieves the criteria required of Rodeo Ranch Quality:

  • Export directly from New Zealand
  • Optimal breeding by grazing
  • Romney lambs aged 6-12 months
  • Traceability from pasture to slaughter to European transport
  • Guaranteed standards: excellent cuts, optimum maturation and high product safety through permanent controls in New Zealand and in Germany

For further details of the products available in the Rodeo Ranch quality range visit our website
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At the beginning of the year Service-Bund extended its private label range of Rodeo Ranch Quality. Now customers can order lamb, low-fat and protein-rich meat from New Zealand.