frischli. Sauce Hollandaise: Perfect with asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise is the best choice to be served with any asparagus dish. Chefs can choose their favourite: either Sauce Hollandaise Classic with cream and butter, or the exquisite spicy Sauce Hollandaise Cullus. Sauce Hollandaise Cullus is made of pure vegetable oil, and because of its spiciness it is excellent with hearty meat dishes, too. Sauce Hollandaise Classic on the other hand is lightly seasoned. Because of its mild acidity it can be served not only with asparagus dishes, but with fish, seafood and poultry as well. Both sauces are ready to serve. They stand out due to their very high thermal stability, they are suitable for cook & chill and microwave, and don’t need an allergenic declaration on menus.