Servicegrossistene strengthens its position in the Norwegian Foodservice wholesale market

Servicegrossistene and its owners have completed a collective and defined acquisition in the greater Oslo region, in order to strengthen the total offering for the best for offshore and onshore customers. Servicegrossistene’s substantial investment is expected to contribute to improve marketshare and create a more competitive foodservice market on the long-term in the whole country and in this highly populated region in particular.

Servicegrossistene will establish wholesaler Servicegrossisten Øst, and merge 5 existing wholesalers and owners of Servicegrossistene, being Cater Drammen, Cater Kongsvinger, Cater Mysen, Måkestad Øst and Måkestad Larvik. Servicegrossisten Øst will through this merger become a strong and professional wholesaler managing the Foodservice business from one warehouse instead of five warehouses. The majority of the shares of Servicegrossisten Øst will be owned by Servicegrossistene AS and its owners, and in addition will the Måkestad family own a considerable part of the shares.
The new wholesaler will retain the existing Management Team under the leadership of CEO Bjørn Garder, and will operate from a warehouse of 18.000 sq. meters just outside Oslo, from where Cater Drammen currently operates. By leveraging the combined skills of the five wholesalers, it is expected to improved utilization of expertise, purchasing, logistics and market approach in a better way.
This structural change will lead to Servicegrossistene having a stronger base for future development projects, for the best of customers, suppliers as well as owners of Servicegrossistene.
CEO of Servicegrossistene AS, Jan van der Burg, commented:
“This merger is very good news for Foodservice customers, our partner suppliers as well as all Servicegrossistene-wholesalers in the whole country. This major acquisition introduces a new era for Servicegrossistene AS, and significantly strengthens our position to be a strong challenger in the Norwegian Foodservice market. We see great opportunity to create value over the long-term for our customers and owners by leveraging skills, partnership with suppliers, more efficient inbound- and outbound logistics, as well as establish a more pro-active and coordinated market approach in the greater Oslo-region.”
The transaction is expected to be effective early 2021, but requires acceptance of the Norwegian Competition Authorities before it can be implemented.