Together we are strong! Farm Frites is ready for 2021

2020, what a year it was. The pandemic effected all of us in many different ways. It limited us more than ever, but also challenged us to find creative solutions. 2021 is upon us and what is the outlook? Farm Frites wants to be a real partner in business and will help its customers to rethink, to reinvent and to reimagine to become future proof.

Customers are always looking for solutions to optimize their business, that’s why Farm Frites developed Chef’s Specials. Products which offer solutions for several challenges. Delivery became more and more important, especially during the pandemic. Farm Frites’ answer to that is a new concept: Chef’s Specials Crispy Coated. The gluten free coating makes these fries perfect for delivery. A longer holding time ensures hot and crispy fries anytime, anywhere and reduces food waste.

Farm Frites has the insights, a sustainable strategy, many different fries and all energy to help their customers engineering their assortment and make it happen in 2021! So don’t hesitate to contact your local sales representative to discuss the possibilities or to request a sample.