Top Food Group. Info on Best-frit

Best-frit exclusively for top snack bars/chip shops. French fries promoted by the Resto-Frit Group.

  • For over 10 years the most famous quality label for snack bars (chip shops) in Flanders
  • Top events in media and online (21 July-event/Week of French fries/ Best-Frit snack bar of the year)
  • Strict, unannounced quality audits by an external company
  • Exclusive visibility/ recognition
  • Payback operative with a range of rebates on top products
  • Profiling with +/- 200 top snack bars
  • Strongly growing label
  • Positive and strong image for the consumer

Best-Frit: Quality label with more than 190 members
The snack bar sector is just like all market sectors, one that is subject to rapid change. The professionalizing of the sector has evolved very fast. Also the expectations of consumers have changed drastically.  For these reasons, the quality-label "Best-Frit" was created in 2003.

It was a group of wholesalers in the sector who realized the need for a quality label. "The time when everyone started a snack bar and learned by trial and error is, thankfully, far behind us." Says co-founder Mario Vleugels. "This and the action of the government enforcing new guidelines concerning products, facilities and the appropriate waste solutions helped us to establish this label. In the rapidly growing world of fast food, the snack bar sector had to adopt a more professional image, offer products of a higher quality and provide better service. Staying behind would have meant the end of this unique part of Belgian culture. Establishing the "Best-frit" label was a starting point for this professionalization. In the meantime, "Best-Frit" has grown to become the largest organization of high-quality snack bars in the country."

"Best-Frit" adopted a great number of very strict rules concerning hygiene, service, quality of products, facilities, waste disposal and so on. These rules are stricter than the-already strict regulations imposed by the government such as food inspection. Snack bar owners who wish to use the "Best-Frit" label receive an initial inspection by an independent audit company, ISS Pest Management Solutions, which is a part of the international ISS group. Based on the audit report membership is offered, or not. After joining, every recognized snack bar gets an unannounced audit covering all requirements at least once a year. Violation of these rules would mean definite exclusion.

"Best-Frit has over 190 members." Of course, the basic rule is that quality comes before quantity, especially for quality labels of integrity. Therefore, new memberships are acknowledged carefully." Acknowledgement as a member of Best-frit guarantees snack bar owners the right to use the label inside the bar as well as for possible publicity purposes.

The Best-Frit label also ensures promotional campaigns for better snack bars, for example the "free fries with mayonnaise" event that is held every year on the national holiday (21th July).

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