frischli. Triple treat with international desserts

Brûléecreme, Panna Cotta and Tiramisu - many different foodservice companies e.g. staff canteens, catering companies or airport restaurants, offer these three desserts on their menus because they are very popular. With frischli Milchwerke these international desserts are prepared quickly, easily, and with excellent results.

These new dessert specialties are produced according to original recipes and taste as good as homemade. Tiramisucreme is spread directly onto soaked finger biscuits and chilled for three hours. Brûléecreme and Panna Cotta are heated a few minutes, portioned and then chilled for three hours. Professional chefs can whisk their guests away to Paris or the Tuscany in no time at all.

The three high-quality innovations make excellent base products for individual desserts too. How about a Mango Tiramisu, for example? (Soak finger biscuits with orange juice and put them in small glasses, top with Tiramisucreme and mango puree.) This is an eye-catcher on the buffet or in the dessert showcase.

Brûléecreme, Panna Cotta and Tiramisucreme from frischli have no additives. They can be stored unrefrigerated several weeks as they have undergone a special heating process.